Meet Our May Issue Cover Girl: Rachel Amnah

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Our May/June issue is on its way to newsstands and subscribers. And to get you ready, let us introduce you to our cover girl, Rachel, who spent a day with us in Dublin shooting some sporty summer styles. Stay tuned to see those looks online, and find a copy of your ownhere.

Name:Rachel Amnah

Age: 27

How I stay fit: Weight lifting. I try to stick to a typical weight lifting schedule: lift heavy, 8-12 reps or until fatigue, 3-4 sets, with a few exceptions. Weight lifting helps to prevent and even improve osteoporosis, which runs in my family, so it's important to me to build bone density in addition to strength and muscle. I also like hiking, walking or any other activity where I can include my dog.

Favorite healthy meal: Mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, with a small steak or salmon

Personal style: My personal style might be considered boring by some standards. I learned early in my life that I get bored of trendy pieces and later regret the purchase. Therefore, I try sticking to classic pieces: white button-down shirt, dark jeans and a military jacket, etc. I use this a canvas to display a statement piece, usually a colorful pair of shoes or a bold necklace. I don't like my outfit to be too busy.

Favorite item in my closet: Right now, I'd say my khaki trench coat. When I put it on, I immediately feel more sophisticated without feeling overdressed.

Go-to shops in the city: I miss Substance! A lot of my more novel pieces come from Rag-O-Rama.

Tip for taking a flattering photo: Find your genuine smile, or Duchenne smile. Sometimes I try to get myself to giggle just by forcing it for a second. If you consciously smile, you are causing a biofeedback reaction that actually makes you feel happy, and soon your smile will become more genuine. It's a similar idea to the TED talk with Amy Cuddy about posture and confidence but for smiling and joy.