Where are they now? Bizzy Bone, rapper and actor

Emily Thompson

In a September 2004 feature story, Bizzy Bone, of bone Thugs-n-Harmony, explained his love-hate relationship with Columbus, where he was born and endured a rough childhood; he was kidnapped and found only after his photo appeared at the end of "Adam," a movie about the abduction of Adam Walsh.

I'm living in LA right now. I'm going to be moving out to Miami [later this year]. Right now, [Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is] touring with [E. 1999 Eternal] and playing it in its entirety. We're releasing singles to see what the people are liking, and we're trying to see what the market is like. Because we still have a signature style, but we want to keep up with the times. So we're definitely trying new things and new flows. I don't expect for [our new album] to be released this year-I think we're going to finish the world tour. I have my sons and nephews in [the rap group] STIG (So Throwed in the Game). I'm going to be putting out a record with them. But I'm kind of letting them fly. Pops isn't all over what they're doing.

"What Now" is the most recent film [I've been in], and I was able to do this movie with the rest of the band. If I get more offers, then I'll probably try to do more acting. I'm having fun mostly, though.

I know [Bone Thugs is] going to have to stop [on tour] in Columbus at some point. It's always a treat coming back home. It was like, Cleveland is the city where we come from. It was really out there in the world, and nobody knew that Columbus was my home. I just wanted to tell Columbus: Thank you for all the support, and keep on keeping on. -As told to Emily Thompson