Where are they now? Clark "Special K" Kellogg, studio analyst for CBS Sports

Michelle Sullivan

In 1996, Columbus Monthly caught up with Kellogg, a former Ohio State basketball star who parlayed a stunted NBA run into a standout career as a broadcaster. By the late '90s, Kellogg was building a reputation as one of the freshest voices in basketball.

I played [college basketball] for three years. My time at Ohio State was rich and blessed and a whole lot of fun. I met my wife-to-be in Columbus, and we got married in 1983, after my first year with the [Indiana] Pacers. I was a first-round pick in 1982, No. 8 overall in the NBA draft. I had to retire in 1987 because my knees gave out; I was 26. Right out of the gate, I was [calling games on] radio and TV. I called Pacer games until 2011. I've got a unique play-on-words style. It's not nearly as competitive as playing, but it gives you a chance to use your experience as a player to help people watching understand what's going on in the game a little better. I did my first NCAA [men's college basketball] tournament with CBS in 1993. I was also with ESPN from 1990 to 1997, calling college games. From 2009 to 2013, I was the lead analyst calling [NCAA tournament semifinal and final] games with Jim Nantz for CBS. Now I'm in the studio with Greg Gumbel, Charles Barkley and those guys. March is a zoo. Once the tournament starts, we're on the air pretty much noon 'til 1 a.m. I work 12 to 16 hours a day for those first few days. Off season, I volunteer with a couple of Christian ministries. I'm a voice for the NBA 2K franchise. I serve on the board of trustees here at Ohio State; my wife and I live in Westerville. [Playing HORSE with President Obama in 2010] was awesome. I wouldn't even consider that a career highlight. That's a whole different level of a bucket list experience. -As told to Michelle Sullivan