Well Played: Sports Analyst Jay Richardson Favors Simplicity with Flair

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Sports analyst and former Ohio State Buckeye

Age: 31

Family: Single

When Jay Richardson first gave football a try, he wasn't impressed. He'd just entered the sixth grade, which he describes as his "awkward years," and the game held no appeal for him. "I was bad at it," he says. "I was strangely tall and skinny, yet somehow fat at the same time. Nothing was working." The former NFL defensive end and Buckeye (his team won the national championship in 2002) walked away from football only to return in high school. At 6-foot-4, 250 pounds, Richardson had shed his awkward shell and became a force on the field. "Aha," he said. "I know how to do this." After five years playing pro ball-with the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and New Orleans Saints-Richardson now works as a sports analyst for ABC 6/Fox 28 and co-owns a Columbus insurance brokerage. And, when it comes to his duds (whether in the office or the studio), he favors simplicity and customization-with a splash of flair. "You have to keep it simple," he says. "I tell my tailor to make it a James Bond cut." His personal style in his own words? "Classic, simple and comfortable."

Favorite item in your closet? I'm a sucker for an awesome hoodie or a stylish belt. I do have a Batman hooded onesie that is just awesome.

Where do you like to shop? Locally, Sole Classics.

Favorite national store? Nordstrom.

Dressed up or dressed down? I like to put on a nice suit, but it's not me. I feel like I'm Clark Kent disguised.

What do you consider the most important accessory? I'm a watch fanatic. I have some with diamonds. Some are simple, and some look like you could operate a space shuttle with them. I love Breitling. Diesel makes fun watches.

How many do you own? More than 10.

Ever let a girlfriend dress you? I don't know too many guys that haven't. That's always a risk in itself … but I've never been dressed by a woman and not looked nice.

What's your favorite look on a lady? The best look on a woman is confidence, regardless of what she has on. I know women that can put on a paper sack and still be sexy. They make it look like the best sack the grocery store had to offer. It comes with being true to who you are.

You have a free night and no plans in the morning … how do you spend your evening? I'm huge on sporting events, obviously. I'd go out and have drinks in the Short North, catch a Blue Jackets game, go over to German Village or Downtown and hit some bars, make a stop off at Jeni's. That's never a bad idea. Or I'd find a late-night pizza truck. Regardless of what you do, you've got to end up at The Pearl in the morning for brunch.

Favorite cologne? Guilty by Gucci

What's the craziest sartorial risk you've taken? The Batman onesie is definitely a risk. In college, really oversized white T-shirts were a thing. That was 2004-what do you expect?

Which celeb's style do you love? Idris Elba. LeBron James. You know who I like? The Rock. He's a T-shirt and jeans guy but, when he wears suits, they're always cut the right way. The guy looks good.

Who are your role models? My mother, Deborah Johnson. She's one of the most energetic and loving people you could ever meet. She can find the good in anything and anyone.

Anything you're currently coveting? I like Kyrie Irving's new shoe.

Style advice? If, when you sit down, your whole outfit falls to crap, it probably doesn't fit you right.