Small Talk: Letters and Chatter about Columbus Monthly, July 2015 Edition

Columbus Monthly Staff

It's Only Fair

To the editor:

I absolutely loved the 40th anniversary edition of Columbus Monthly. Great job. While I totally agree that "A New Wellness Chapter" by Annemarie Mannion was well written and very informative for women, men age, too. Columbus Monthly appeals to women and men. Men need information to prevent heart disease, to have regular prostate check-ups, to complete those preventive screenings, to schedule a dermatologist appointment for those ugly moles that develop from being in the sun (golf), to practice yoga (more men are doing it, you know) and to follow a regular strengthening program. Include doctors, hospitals and services that can do these things for men. Let's do everything we can for everyone to live a long and healthy life. It's only fair. Thanks for a great magazine.

Suzanne Jones


"Finding Lana"

Michelle Sullivan's June story about Lana Moore, a transgender woman who works as a fire captain in Columbus, struck a chord with readers. "I couldn't have said this better! Lana is a role model for all women. She is true to herself and lives her life authentically in all areas," Lyn Herron wrote. "This gentle soul is a hidden treasure in Central Ohio. Thank you, Captain!" One of Moore's colleagues, Matthew Thomas, wrote: "Proud to work with one of Columbus' bravest! Well done, Cap! 'Because no matter what they say, you always have a choice. You just don't always have the guts to make it.' -Ray N. Kuili, Awakening." And, from reader Selina Vic: "Thank you for a nice article. Lana is an inspiring lady. While many women cry of a biased society, Lana has stood stronger as both a woman and [a member of the] LGBT community, which faces more adverse conditions."

"Modern-Day Slavery"

Our May feature by contributor Justin McIntosh that explored the world of human trafficking through Asian massage parlors was widely shared among readers. Mike Renz wrote in to say: "I am glad to see Columbus Monthly publish such a substantial article on the topic. We need to make it clear to everyone that this is slavery-just like that which was taking place before 1865. The term 'evil' may sound archaic, but anyone who has seen a trafficker or pimp in action knows this is exactly the right term. A civilized society should not tolerate the existence of human trafficking or pimps."

"The Guitar-Maker's Heartstrings"

Tom Davis' longevity in his craft is apparent; friends and fans alike took to our comment boards to offer their congratulations after reading Joel Oliphint's May feature about him. "Wonderful and deserving article for a great master-craftsman. Thanks, Tom, for giving your art to the community and teaching so many of us how to build and restore guitars," John Bolzenius wrote. "A nice article about a nice guy and his passion," John D Neumaier wrote. "For a long time your dream was put on hold. So glad to hear you're following your dream again." And, from Sharon Izzi: "Great article about this amazing artist, performer, old friend from high school. Shine on, Tom!"