What to Shop for at German Village's Helen Winnemore's

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Sarah Kellenberger Harpham

Sarah Kellenberger Harpham visited Helen Winnemore's as a young girl-some of her first pieces of jewelry came from the German Village shop. So, upon hearing it was for sale, she jumped at the chance to own one of her favorite places. More than 17 years later, she considers Helen Winnemore's her home away from home. "We're the oldest craft gallery in the country," Kellenberger Harpham, 46, says. "Our focus is on American-made work from all over North America. It's useable, it's wearable and it's art."

Describe the shop's vibe.

We're easygoing. People come in for so many different reasons, so we try to be supportive. People call this their happy place.

What's one of your favorite items that you personally own?

The leaf mobiles; we live in a Cape Cod in Clintonville, so I don't have a lot of space for decorative items. My husband and kids gave me one of the mobiles. And the Ed Wohl cutting boards, made of birdseye maple. The level of craftsmanship blows my mind.

What local stores do you admire?

Columbus Architectural Salvage; I love that they rescue everything and that the materials were made well enough to begin with that they last. You find things you never knew you needed.

Single favorite item to eat in the city?

It's a toss-up between anything from Pistacia Vera and Jeni's. Jeni's strawberry ice cream is made with strawberries from a family friend's farm.

Best place to enjoy a drink?

Barcelona's patio with sangria. Sangria and sunshine-that would do it.

Ultimate Saturday in Columbus?

When it's just the four of us and we can feel our way through the day. I would love to just play tourist for a day, in Columbus in general and in German Village.

What's your best business tip?

Doing anything you really believe in makes work easy. When you do things you love, the time spent is your reward.

Helen Winnemore's

150 E. Kossuth St., German Village