Besa Launches 900 Smiles Campaign to Fulfill Flying Horse Farms' Wish List

Taylor Starek

Besa, a local organization that aims to make volunteering easier, is partnering with Flying Horse Farms to provide gifts for kids with serious illnesses through its 900 Smiles campaign.

Throughout July, Besa is asking you to head on over to and buy an item or two from the Flying Horse Farms' wish list.

From $29 sleeping bags to a $3,300 kayak, all of the items will go toward making the experience of the 900 children who will attend Flying Horse Farms' camp this year a little better.

The camp, which opened in 2010, is located in Mt. Gilead and hosts children and families of children with illnesses free of charge throughout summer.

"Visiting camp is one of the most rewarding opportunities we've experienced," Matthew Goldstein, Besa's executive director, said in a release. "We're excited to share the magic of Flying Horse Farms with the rest of the community."

Read more about Besa's mission here.