Decor Advice: The Paint Colors the Pro Loves

Jenny Rogers

Dan McClurg, who owns Elm & Iron in Clintonville and Cincinnati-and who opened up his home to Capital Style for our annual Men's Issue-knows a thing or two about great paint color. While still in college in Tennessee, McClurg launched Buckeye House Painting, a side project that, post-undergrad, turned into his full-time gig. He shared the hues he used in his own home (featured here) and gave us some pointers, too.

Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Gray is used throughout the home, including the master bedroom and here, in the kitchen. "By the way," McClurg says, "Buckeye House Painting did all the painting here. I really like gray. I liked gray before everyone else did!" This specific hue, he notes, is a "really good dark gray that's still very warm."

The blue used in one of McClurg's second-story guestrooms is Benjamin Moore's Lead Gray. It's the home's only paint color not from Sherwin Williams, McClurg's go-to.

The white used in this guestroom, located adjacent to the one shown above, is Eider White by Sherwin Williams. "When people paint, they often make the mistake of using too many colors," McClurg notes. "Three or four is fine. Less is more, really."