We Found the Best Seats in the House at Huntington Park

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Some go for the hot dogs. Others hope to snag a fly ball. Whatever your reason for catching a Columbus Clippers game this summer, these are some of the best seats in Huntington Park. milb.com

Take a Quick Break

The new pace-of-play rules implemented in 2015 means fans have two minutes, 25 seconds between half-innings to fill up on drinks or run to the bathroom if they want to be back in their seats to watch the game. Thankfully, there are plenty of bathrooms spaced throughout the park. The two largest concession stands are at the top of the grandstands behind each dugout and serve fans from three sides, ensuring you never miss the action.

Bring the Kids

A spot on the grass lawn in center field with a nearby water fountain is the perfect place to set up camp with the kids. Parents can keep towels or extra clothes in the locker room behind the fountain.

Keep Cool or Get Some Sun

Seats along the first baseline near the top of the grandstand offer the most shade and are more likely to keep you cool on sweltering summer days. For those who don't mind a little sun, a seat near the third baseline is where you want to be.

Get an Autograph

Although players aren't allowed to give autographs during the game, your best chance to have memorabilia signed is when you're sitting down by first base before the start of the game.

Catch a Foul Ball

Since Huntington Park has the least amount of foul territory in the minor league, Clippers fans will have to move fast if they want to catch a ball, says Joe Santry, the team's media director and historian. You'll have best chances at the first baseline foul pole, third baseline foul pole and the left field bleachers.


The balconies in the Hall of Fame Bar are great for watching the game with friends while enjoying drinks. Posting up on the drink rails that extend around the ballpark is another alternative to sitting down for the game.