What's Leather Got To Do With It?: Leather in Fashion

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

by Robert Grimmett, founder & CEO, Robert Mason Co.

Whether it's your bags, wristbands, office gear, or fashion accessories, leather has become the primary desired material, and it's no mystery why.

What is it about leather that makes it so special? Why has leather not only stayed relevant throughout the years, but has thrived into so many different aspects of fashion? The answer is simple.

Leather is an ageless beauty that seems to never go out of style. Not only does leather become more appealing as the years go by, but its cross-functionality places it in a class of its own. Once leather wears, absorbs oils from your skin, and reflects its use, it becomes more beautiful. Whether you rock the classic, hipster, professional or straight-up sweat pants look, a well-made leather bag is appropriate for everyone on any occasion. But let's break it down even deeper than that, shall we?

Not only is a leather-made accessory always appropriate, but leather can be incorporated into any article of clothing, of any style in any color, and more often than not will still look fantastic! Personally, my leather loop key chain or my leather wristband looks good all the time-no matter what I've got on.

Let's talk about what leather has done for specific icons. For example, one of my personal favorites: the famous leather hat worn by the one and only Indiana Jones. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was released about 35 years ago, yet his signature leather hat still maintains its style and relevance today. How has such a simple accessory preserved its iconic status over the years? Certainly part of it has to do with the fact that Indiana Jones is a boss, but it's also due to the fact that leather is a beautiful and ageless material that never goes out of style.

Let's get into some more current examples. Whether it's Mike Ross from "Suits" rocking his leather messenger bag while riding his bike to work or Don Draper's iconic brief case in "Mad Men," the leather accessory is relevant for all style types all the time.

Leather is a truly unique trend that never seems to be the odd man out. Its timelessness, agelessness, cross-functionality and good looks are what makes leather the most desired material in today's sophisticated fashion world.

At RM, we're redefining the accessory with vintage-inspired products that are timeless and functional, while making you look awesome.