Two Ohio State Grads Want You to Send More Handwritten Notes

Michelle Sullivan
The creators of Little City Love notecards used Stauf's coffee to artfully stain their original creations.

Letter writing is a lost art, says Clayton Fuller, who founded notecard company Little City Love with friend Lucas La Tour last year. "I like cards because they're a keepsake good," Fuller says. "There's permanence to them." The roommates-cum-business partners, who met as students at Ohio State University and share a passion for writing, design each card with its story in mind. "We ask, 'What would somebody use this for?' " Fuller says. Some cards feature quotes, while others feature illustrations or definitions (for example, periastron: when two stars that orbit each other are at their nearest point).

Fuller says they often spend more time arriving at the words they'll use than the visuals. "The hard part is figuring out what you can say that's meaningful," he says.

Find Little City Love cards in 28 local stores, including Stauf's Coffee Roasters, Helen Winnemore's and On Paper.