Jenny's Wish List: Leather Goodies & Stress Relievers

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

OK, this one-a fantastically fringed Solebird bag from Thread-must be added to the birthday list. ($600)

Sometimes, it's just nice to send a card. The local stationary pros at Design with Heart Studio get that, and they've got an adorable array of "just because" options. I'm partial to this guy. ($2.25 per card)

Jewelry designer Anne Holman, who co-owns The Smithery in Grandview, sustainably creates lovely little pieces, like this antique milk glass necklace. Swoon. ($98)

I read this week coloring (for adults, yes) has stress-reducing powers akin to meditation. Seriously. I'm going to snag this "Secret Garden" coloring book from Happy Go Lucky Home and give it a whirl. ($31)

Zara's fall/winter 2015 lineup was released this week, which was … distracting. A personal favorite: this suede cape. ($149)