Elm & Iron Opening Warehouse in Clintonville

Jenny Rogers

If the Capital Style team has one thing in common, it's an adoration for Elm & Iron. Need a gift? Covered. Need a statement piece for your new dining room? Check. Want to feel like you've spent a day scouring antique stores for the perfect find? Elm & Iron's your go-to (so long as you aren't really hoping for a daylong adventure, of course).

By now, I'm sure you can imagine our collective excitement upon hearing Elm & Iron is opening a warehouse right across the street from the Clintonville location. I stopped by today to get a mini tour from owner Dan McClurg, and I'm so jazzed to play picker for an afternoon once they officially open up shop on Friday, September 4.

"The gist is that it's essentially an extension of the store," McClurg explains. "Here, you'll find pieces that are a little too rough for the store." Sure enough, much of what you'll find in the warehouse-from industrial bar stools and discarded windows to vintage dirt bikes-needs a bit of love. But that's all a part of the fun.

"If you want to go ahead and do the work, you'll get a better deal," McClurg adds while showing off a gorgeous dining room table that was recently returned to the store due to a crack. The warehouse is like a playground for DIY-ers and fixer-uppers.

Not everything, of course, is in need of TLC; items including a collection of German beer bottles and antique sewing machines could be displayed as-is. McClurg buys much of his merchandise in bulk, meaning he almost always has extra (there are more than a dozen sewing machines); opening the warehouse space gives him the opportunity to sell more. "It really allows me to open up the buying, too," he adds.

The new space also means McClurg can sell additional large pieces, like a set of doors from the 1870s, that wouldn't fit across the street.

"We will have some close-out deals. These whiskey lights sell for $400 apiece in our store, but here we can sell them for like $250," McClurg adds, noting the metal lights strung up near the entrance of the space. "It's kind of like buying wholesale."

Bonus: Most of the pieces in the warehouse will be one-of-a-kind originals, too.

The Elm & Iron warehouse will be open Friday through Sunday and by appointment during the week. Keep tabs on what McClurg and his team are up to on Instagram and Facebook.