The Ultimate Columbus Meat Guide

Columbus Monthly Staff

That smoke wafting from your neighbor's grill? It's the call of the wild, friend, and it's high time you respond with a sizzling steak of your own. This month, we're pointing you to the city's best butchers, chefs and livestock farmers so you can achieve sublime, meaty bliss at home. If it's restaurant fare you'recraving, we'll cover that, too, from a five-finger pork chop to a steak so awe-inspiring they named it after Thad Matta. Grab a sturdy fork and knife-you're gonna need 'em.

Edited by Michelle Sullivan

Stories byAnthony Dominic,Tristan Eden,Ivy Lamb,Kristen Schmidt,Beth Stallings,Michelle SullivanandEmily Thompson

Photos by Tessa Berg

The Ultimate Columbus Meat Guide

>>A Night at Thurn's: Inside the South Side Institution

>>All Creatures Great and Small: Where to Enjoy Exotic Meats

>>Oinked Up: Chefs' Meat-Lovin' Tattoos

>>Offal's Not Awful: Adventurous Eats Across Columbus

>>Meat, Demystified: Science Lessons in Marinade and More

>>How to Smoke Meat Like a Pro: A Lesson from That Food Truck

>>How to Brine Like a Pro: A Lesson from Challah Food Truck

>>How to Broil Like a Pro: A Lesson from The Top Steak House

>>Love Meat? You Should Buy a Sous Vide Machine

>>7 Must-Try Meat Dishes

>>A Cut Above: Rare and Underappreciated Cuts to Try at Home

>>Meet the Makers

>>Spice, Spice Baby: Proper Seasoning for Your Steak and More