Ultimate Meat Guide: Chefs' Meat-Lovin' Tattoos

Michelle Sullivan
Marcus Meacham

Executive chef, Kraft House No. 5

Tattoo:Butcher's diagram of a pig and a cow

Story behind the ink: "It's just a classic thing you see in every kitchen. Mine have sort of a freaky twist to them. They're hog tied and hanging upside down. They're meant to be viewed from my perspective."

Favorite cooking method:"Braising things, then frying them."

Executive chef, Gallerie Bar and Bistro

Tattoo:Pig's head, along with other foods including onion, celery, carrots, grapes and red snapper

Story behind the ink:"The pig is my favorite animal. There are so many things you can do with it. There's a saying you can eat everything on the pig except the oink."

Cooking philosophy:"Nose to tail. Not just with pigs but with all animals."

Owner, Por'Ketta

Tattoo:Butcher's diagram of a pig

Story behind the ink: "Chicken tastes like chicken, no matter what part you eat. Same with beef. Pork changes from cut to cut."

Favorite part of the pig: "The cheeks. They have the most flavor.I slow-roast or braise them."

Owner, Ray Ray's Hog Pit

Tattoo:Barbecue-themed sleeve including a pig, chicken and cow

Favorite animal:"Pork is my favorite. I mostly barbecue the shoulder and ribs."

Cooking philosophy: "I'm a barbecue purist. True barbecue is working meat over fire. Just wood-no gas, oven or parboil."