Ultimate Meat Guide: Columbus Butchers Make the Most of Underrated Cuts

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Columbus Monthly

Some parts of the animal get a bad rap. Local butchers come to the defense of unduly underrated and often overlooked cuts of meat.

Thehanger tenderloin(or hanger steak) is the muscle that connects a cow's lungs to its spine. "It has a very pronounced meaty flavor," says Carfagna's owner Sam Carfagna. Hanger steak is best cooked

Charcoal steak, a thin cut from near the shoulder, can be delicious if cooked properly, says Bluescreek Farm Meats co-owner Cheryl Smith. "You need to cook it at a lower temperature because it's so lean," Smith says. "You want to take it off the heat when it's a little pinker than you normally would."

Most people have never heard oflamb flank steaksbecause they're typically thrown into the grinder, but "they taste fantastic," Smith says. These 1- to 2-ounce medallions need less than a minute on the grill; four to six are an adequate serving.

"Pork cheeksare the most underrated part of the pig," says Alexis Randolph, meat manager at Weiland's Market. "I think people are just weirded out by them, but they are incredibly delicious." She suggests slow braising the ultra-fatty pieces for meat that melts in your

Fatty and flavorfulcountry ribsare often overshadowed by their baby back and spare counterparts, Smith says.