Ultimate Meat Guide: Go Ahead, Try Offal at These Columbus Restaurants

Kristen Schmidt

Snout-to-tail cuisine is hot, and while most of us are accustomed to eating on the perimeter of the animal, more of us are venturing inwards to the innards. Here's some real talk about what this stuff really is and where you should try it in Columbus.

What is it?Thymus gland or pancreas of lamb or veal

Sweetbreads are mild and tender, an excellent way to start exploring offal. Order the Kentucky-fried sweetbreads with barbecue sauce at Wolf's Ridge


What is it?Cow stomach

Tripe is a staple in Mexican, Italian, Korean, Chinese and other world cuisines. Try it in a bowl of Vietnamese pho; we're partial to the version with steak, tripe, meatballs and beef tendon at Mi Li Cafe on the North

What is it?A digestive organ of chicken and other fowl

This is one piece of offal you can and should try at home. Buy them fresh at North Market Poultry and Game. Then Google "Southern-fried gizzards." Add grits and greens for a perfect

What is it?WYSIWYG

Not gonna lie: This can be a tough sell to the texture-averse. But be adventurous! Try the Dry Fried Pork Intestine (No. 79) at Hong Kong House, where the authentic Sichuan cuisine is top-notch.1831 W. Henderson Road, Upper Arlington, 614-538-9288

What is it?Terrine made with flesh from the head of calf or pig, usually set in gel

The standard-bearer for this delicacy in Columbus is Thurn's, where the headcheese is mild and expertly seasoned. Like pate? You'll love