Ultimate Meat Guide: How to Season Like a Pro

Emily Thompson

Ben Walters of North Market Spices plays matchmaker with meats and spices.

Santa Maria Rub for lamb

Though this California-style spice blend heavy on onion and garlic powders is designed to complement tri-tip beef, Walters has found it pairs well with a variety of meats. Try it when grilling lamb chops or roasting lamb shoulder; the herbs (oregano, rosemary and sage) accentuate lamb's earthy flavor.

Freedom Ridge for steak

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple and let a quality steak speak for itself. You can't go wrong with garlic salt, but this fancy version-applewood-smoked garlic infused with Sonoma sea salt-will enhance natural flavors while adding smokiness.

East Carolina Rub for pork

"Making barbecue was what got me started in my business," Walters says. "Over the years, I've kind of gotten bored with it." Enter East Carolina Rub, his new go-to for grilling. His dry version of a Carolina mop sauce is made with powdered vinegar and mustard.