Small Talk: Letters and Chatter about Columbus Monthly, September 2015 Edition

Columbus Monthly Staff

To the editor:

I don't plan on renewing my subscription toColumbus Monthly. Dedicating 14 pages (15 if you include the cover) to the killing of animals disgusts me. Allocating one page with options for vegetarians does not suffice.

Not only is this article irresponsible in today's world, but did you know animal agriculture is a leading contributor to climate change?

I hoped this magazine would be more modern, worldly and open-minded, like the city of Columbus itself. It has not lived up to this image.

I teacha college-level course onenvironmental science and believe this article is sending the wrong message to the people ofColumbus by not promoting the ideals of living sustainably.

Julie Pinney

Supporters of former Ohio State University marching band director Jon Waters responded to Michelle Sullivan's profile of him ("Marching in Place," August 2015).

"I got called by a student employee about continuing my donation to the Presidents Club for 2015. I replied that I was unsure because I supported Jon Waters," Elizabeth Boardman wrote on Facebook. "There was a pause and then the student said, 'A lot of people are saying that.' " Several readers urged Ohio State to apologize and rehire Waters. "Anyone who knows Jon in any capacity simply cannot believe that his integrity has ever been questioned about anything. Someday the real truth of this vile situation will be revealed," Karen Haensch wrote. "In the meantime, Jonathan deserves to be reinstated into his former position and continue to receive the support which is ever growing. Thank you for your article, Ms. Sullivan."

Reader Mike Nevergall alerted us to an error we committed by misstating Waters' hometown. "This is a great article, written about a great man, but a correction is needed, in paragraph 20 or so. Jon is originally from Elmore, Ohio, not Elyria. It may be a small town, but I am proud to call it home, as is Jon," Nevergall wrote. We've corrected the story online, and we apologize for the error.

Reader Nanette Hayakawa wrote to us on Facebook to offer her support to the Columbus College of Art and Design's future president: "Hopefully the new president of CCAD will be a person of great integrity, morally responsible and a person who has great convictions toward the future of this college and great respect for the college's past curriculum, which was truly unique, comprehensive in studies for the artists and designers. CCAD was envied by many other colleges of art and design in the USA and abroad." Hayakawa was writing in response to Michelle Sullivan's August story about the college's search for a president after a false start with Tom White. Since the story was published, the college has hired two key vice president positions, but is still looking for its top dog.