Meet Columbus' New Wave of Contemporary Dance

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
Columbus Modern Dance Company's philosophy is "Be Entertained. Be Included. Be Fulfilled."

Led by director Jeff Fouch, the resident dance company of Short North Stage is now in its third season, steadily developing local dance professionals, performing energetic concerts and building appreciation for modern dance through biannual all-ages classes.

See for yourself:"Meta," Sept. 11 at Short North Stage

Founded in Seattle, this contemporary jazz ensemble relocated to Columbus with artistic director Melissa Gould. The company's shows and seasonal workshops include elements of modern, jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theater and contemporary dance.

See for yourself:Fall Dance Workshop, Oct. 11 (location TBA)

"CoMo" (as it's known locally) is inspired by Erick Hawkins' athletic-yet-fluid modern dance technique. It's serving them well as they embark on a third season, performing works by local and national choreographers; CoMo's community-centric philosophy is: "Be Entertained. Be Included. Be Fulfilled."

See for yourself:Fall Performance, Nov. 8 (location TBA)