Five Tips for Cutting Home Costs in the Fall and Winter Months

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Get educated: For $50, Columbia Gas of Ohio will conduct an in-home energy audit to help you pinpoint problem spots that drive energy bills up. Look into getting this done before you invest in those new windows.

Rethink holiday decorations: Replace any broken holiday lights with LED versions. LED lights use about 80 percent less energy, so you can have the most impressive holiday light show in the neighborhood without spending a fortune.

Consider a humidifier: Humid air holds heat better than the dry air of a furnace. If you don't want to invest in an actual humidifier, try showering without exhaust fans and using a portable fan to prevent mold.

Soak up the sun: Keep blinds open when they receive direct sunlight and close them when they don't. This takes advantage of solar energy when it's available and prevents heat from escaping when it isn't.

Don't forget the garage: This is one of the biggest trouble spots for losing heat, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Add a door sweep under your garage door to prevent cold air from slipping underneath and into the house.