Meet Fashion Week Columbus' Awesomely Out-There Designer

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

As Fashion Week Columbus nears, we'll be sharing our conversations with Finale Runway Show designers each week. Here's our chat with show opener Stevie Boi.

Age: 26

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Background: I went to school for criminal justice and dropped out to focus on fashion.

Approach to fashion: I believe my mood and the level of energy I have that day is a great depiction of my style. Basically, if I feel slow and lazy, I wear baggier clothes; if I'm feeling energetic, I might wear something more appealing.

Style is … the only way I can differentiate myself from others and be recognized. It means a lot to me.

Most looking forward to … meeting other designers and people that work in the industry. I like hearing other people's stories and what inspired them. It makes me come to a better understanding for why I decided to be in this industry.

My Fashion Week Columbus collection in five words or less: Fearless

The celebrity I'd most like to dress: Grace Jones

The worst fashion faux pas: Wearing knockoff Stevie Boi sunglasses and being proud of it!

I never leave home without … my eyewear, cellphone and wallet. Everything else can be purchased at a local store, hah!

My favorite local boutique: I have to hit the streets to find out!

My hope for Columbus fashion: To be able to bring my crazy style and energy here