Why The Joseph is My New Favorite Spa

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I stopped by Le Meridian The Joseph's newly opened spa suite on Wednesday morning for a facial and left more relaxed than I've felt since, well, certainly before college. (As someone who's almost always at a "10," I really didn't think I could feel this Zen.)

The spa suite offers three facials: the It's About TimeAge Defy Facial, which improves skin's elasticity, tones and firms mature skin; the Calm Down Skin Purifying Facial, a European-inspired facial that balances combinationand oily skin and reduces enlarged pores; andthe Thirst Quencher Re-Hydrating Facial, which I chose. It's a hydrating treatment that promises to immediately nourishthe skin while also reducing fine lines. Sold.

The experience began with a skin consultation and an oil-sniffing process that was a bit strange, but super cool. I was told that our bodies can determine, via senses like smell, what's best for our skin. I sniffed, chose my potion and moved into the oasis-like room for my 60-minute facial and scalp massage.

Despite entering the spa with a racing mind, I fell asleep at least three times; it was just so soothing. The skincare products included a hydrating toner, cleansing balm, refining skin polish-a brightening exfoliator that was used on my face, neck and collarbone-and a soothing eye lotion. All the while, warm, comforting steam poured down on me, opening my tired and (ugh) clogged pores. After a so-appreciated scalp and neck massage, my face was cleansed again and a revitalizing oil and moisturizing cream were applied. I slowly climbed off the table to find, in the mirror, a face that looked a bit groggy but still totally refreshed.

Bonus? The space is stunning. If you need to feel like a queen for a day-or know someone else who could benefit from pure bliss-make an appointment today.