Classic Columbus Ghost Stories: The Meddling Residents of Harrison House Bed and Breakfast

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly
A guest room at Harrison House Bed and Breakfast

Lynn Varney owns Harrison House Bed and Breakfast in Victorian Village, which is haunted by at least five former residents. Here, she talks about some of the things she and her guests have experienced.

I don't talk about the ghosts because it creeps people out, but if someone brings it up, I'm more than willing to talk about it and tell them what has happened here. And then, more often than not, somebody else at breakfast will go, "Oh, so let me ask you about this that happened last night, maybe I wasn't dreaming," and I say, "Yeah, probably not." There's one bedroom where they like to take earrings, and they'll show up in the middle of the floor months later, sometimes the pair and sometimes just one. They've taken a set of house keys and those I found because I had a little conversation with them and told them I needed my keys back. They returned them as I was in the room, and that was a little unnerving. I hear them singing, and I hear voices, and I'm sane. (Laughs.) People experience it time and time again. I do not advertise it-99.9 percent of the people that have an experience here know nothing about it ahead of time. I like them here. I've had people offer to come in and get rid of them, and no, I don't want that to happen.-As told to Ivy Lamb