Urban Meyer and other really dark-horse candidates for Columbus mayor

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Mickey Mouse was a popular write-in choice to succeed Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Urban Meyer, Mickey Mouse, Deez Nuts and other really dark-horse candidates for Columbus mayor

We can now answer the question on everyone's mind: What food-based advertising mascot received the most votes in the Columbus mayoral election? (Hint: He's qualified for the job.) After officially certifying the results in late November, the Franklin County Board of Elections released to us all the names that voters wrote in during the mayoral contest. Here are those smart-alec selections, broken down into some of the most relevant categories. (Vote totals are in parentheses.)


Urban Meyer (19)

J.T. Barrett (3)

Brutus Buckeye (2)

Cardale Jones (2)

Jim Tressel (2)

Gordon Gee (1)

Local (nonpolitician)

Jack Hanna (2)

John Corby (2)

Les Wexner (2)

Arnett Howard (1)

Cabot Rea (1)

Damon Zex (1)

Linus the Dog at Kittie's Cakes (1)

Bob Nunnally (1)

Piper Kerman (1)


Mayor McCheese (3)

Count Chocula (1)

Mr. Potato Head (1)

Pizza (1)


Jesus Christ (6)

Pope Francis (2)

Satan/The Devil (2)

Bishop Jerry Pierce (1)

Leroy Jenkins (1)

One Accountable To God (1)

The God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (1)


Deez Nutz (21)

Poop Butt (1)


Mickey Mouse (32)

Donald Duck (6)

Snoopy (3)

Bugs Bunny (2)

Daffy Duck (2)

Charlie Brown (1)

Dopey Dwarf (1)

Garfield the Cat (1)

Homer Simpson (1)

Roger Rabbit (1)

Scooby Doo (1)


Batman (2)

Darth Vader (2)

Bilbo Baggins (1)

General Zod (1)

Iron Man (1)

Jon Snow (1)

Leslie Knope (1)

Marty McFly (1)

Super Mario (1)


Eugene Debs (2)

Frank Zappa (2)

Genghis Khan (2)

George Washington (2)

Ayn Rand (1)

Bob Marley (1)

Bill Moss (1)

Jack Kevorkian (1)

John Holmes (1)

Malcolm X (1)

M.E. Sensenbrenner (1)

Tito Puente (1)

Sesame Street

Big Bird (1)

Elmo (1)

Grover (1)


Redflex (1)

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