Q&A: Beverly May, founder of Ohio House Rabbit Rescue

Eric Lyttle

May started what is the only rabbit rescue and adoption facility in Ohio in 2009

What inspired you to start a rabbit rescue?

When people discovered I had a rabbit, I started to get calls from others asking if I'd take another one. Then, somehow the next one would come along, and then the next one. After a while, a light bulb went on that there's a need for a rabbit rescue. I started it in 2009. We moved to this facility (5485 N. High Street in Clintonville) at the end of 2013.

How many rabbits do you take in a year?

Last year we tookin 150. We adopted out 126. And those are mostly bunnies that were reported running around outside. We're not taking any owner-surrender bunnies. We don't have room. Last October we took in 20 in 30 days.

Why October?

A lot of people get bunnies from a pet store around Easter, and pet stores usually sell them when they're about two months old. Then, a few months later, they hit what we call the teenage years and those hormones kick in. If you don't spay or neuter them, they become a challenge. People kind of get to their breaking point and they just let them go, figuring they can live outside because there are other bunnies out there. But domestic rabbits are not designed to live outside.

What if I want to adopt a rabbit from you?

We have an online adoption application that needs to be completed first (ohiohouserabbitrescue.org). Then you need to come to the center, where we teach about owning a bunny. All our bunnies are spay/neutered. You pick the bunny you want, and then we deliver all of our bunnies to their new homes.

Bonus facts:

  • Domestic rabbits live 10-12 years.
  • A female domestic rabbit can deliver a new litter every 28 days.
  • Ohio House Rabbit Rescue houses between 30 and 50 rabbits.