A mini oral history of John Kasich's insane confetti explosion

Dave Ghose

The drama. The redemption. The wisecracks. The inside story of the former presidential candidate's Ohio primary confetti party.

In February, Kasich held his 100th town hall meeting in New Hampshire, more than any other presidential candidate. Tim Tripepi, his campaign's advance man, secured a small confetti canon for the occasion.

"We turned it into a celebration. We had this confetti canon. Everyone was very unimpressed. It was kind of a dud." -Rob Nichols, Kasich spokesman

"My advance guy, Tripepi, blew it the first time with a weak confetti shot." -Kasichon CNN

Tripepi and the rest of the Kasich campaign vowed not to make the same mistake again.

"We said, 'All right. The night we win Ohio, we're going to step up the game a little bit and get a military-grade confetti gun.' And the rest is what you saw." -Nichols

"It was like porridge. [Tripepi] went from too cold to too hot." -Kasichon CNN

As Kasich celebrated his Ohio victory in March, his campaign staff drowned the governor and his family in confetti. The celebration, on a stage at Berea's Baldwin Wallace University, got a big reaction from amateur comedians on social media and the professional ones on late-night TV.

"Watching Kasich's confetti funnel cloud again. Frightened for his wife and children." -Michelle Malkin, blogger and columnist, on Twitter

"To judge just by the amount of confetti that came down during his victory speech, you'd think he was the millionth customer at a supermarket." -Seth Meyers,Late Night

"Today, Kasich announced confetti cleanup has created 100 new jobs." -Jimmy Fallon,The Tonight Show

Kasich's reaction was harder to read.

"No one could see him because he was buried. But we heard later he was very pleased."-Nichols(laughing)

"I didn't know it went viral. That's pretty cool. My daughters and wife will like that." -Kasichon CNN