Ohio State's dishonorable diplomas?

Dave Ghose
Curtis Lemay

Bill Cosby isn't the only Ohio State honorary degree recipient with a checkered past.

Since November, Ohio State University has been considering whether to revoke the honorary degree the school awarded Bill Cosby in 2001. While they're at it, perhaps OSU officials should take a deeper look at some of the other folks the school has celebrated over the years. Here are four other honorary diploma recipients with a bit of dirty laundry (though nothing as serious as Cosby's rape accusations, to be sure).

Curtis LeMay

Diploma awarded: 1962

Dirty laundry: TheColumbus native andU.S. Air Force general served as the running mate of segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace in 1968.

Spiro Agnew

Diploma awarded: 1969

Dirty laundry: In 1973, Agnew pleaded no contest to tax fraud and resigned as U.S. vice president in exchange for prosecutors dropping several public corruption charges that stemmed from his time as Maryland governor.


Diploma awarded: 2002

Dirty laundry: The New York Yankees owner was twice banned from baseball-for illegal campaign contributions in 1974 and for paying a Bronx gambler $40,000 in 1990 to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield.

Bob Greene

Diploma awarded: 1997

Dirty laundry: In 2002, theChicago Tribune columnist and Bexley native was forced to resign from the paper after acknowledging he had a sexual encounter with a teenager whom he met through his column while she was a high school student.