Letter from the Editor: We're sharing the best of Central Ohio

Sherry Beck Paprocki

Welcome to the spring/summer issueofColumbus Monthly Home & Gardenmagazine!

We've scoured Central Ohio for some of the latest and greatest projects underway and we were delighted with what we discovered to share with you in this refreshed magazine.

Downtown is booming and millennials (as well as some of their parents) are enjoying what the city has to offer. In recent years, a number of high-endapartmentcomplexes have been finished and we eagerlyanticipate the emergence of yet more Downtown luxury condominium projects, including the renovation of the LeVeque Tower and others.

While we're waiting, though, we discovered a newly finished penthouse in one of the last raw spaces available in Miranova. At the urging of architect John Behal, the owners-the former CEO of Harley-Davidson and his wife-have agreed to share it with you.

Farther out, practically unnoticed, yet another neighborhood in the New Albany Communities has grown up in the last two years and we've found a wonderful estate home.Not since the gated New AlbanyFarms was developednearly 20 years ago has a community with such significance been established there.

As of this writing,the last two five-acre plots in this new community were available at the cool price of $1.1 million each.Homes in Highgrove Farms will be in the $3 million to

$4 million price range when they are finished. A total of 13 of the 16 available lots have already been sold.

We are enchanted with the homes and gardensthat are featured in this issue, and we hope that you enjoy reading about them as well. The stories in Central Ohio's properties, the history imbedded inits neighborhoods,the vibrancy of a city filled with college students, theblooming of daffodils in spring-these are some of the things we love about life here.

Thanks to each and every one of the homeowners who have agreed to open their doors (and gardens)to us and thanks to you for joining us in this refreshed version ofColumbus Monthly's Home & Gardenmagazine.