Lorain fashion designer bringing show to Lakeview Park

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

LORAIN — The flair of Fashion Week is coming to Lorain when designer and boutique owner Jevon Terance hosts his show 4:30 p.m. Saturday “Paris to Lorain’’ at the Lakeview Rose Garden.

The show will feature designs from Terance’s fall/winter 2016 collection, inspired by his trip to Paris for Fashion Week last fall. In Paris, he showcased six pieces inspired by Lorain landmarks among other top designers, calling the collection “Lorain to Paris.”

The new collection, with 40 pieces, is a season ahead, featuring designs for fall and winter. The fashion show will have 40 different models, each with an individual look. The models range from 16 to 41 years old and come from all over Ohio.

“I got a lot of ideas from seeing the other designers at Fashion Week. It’s led me to do much more detailed work on this,” Terance said.

The show will feature many different designs, from lighter pieces to more heavy ones, such as fur coats, since it is a fall/winter show.

“I was so inspired by Paris and the other designers that I wanted to bring it back to Lorain,” Terance said. “It’s exciting for the area, too. It gives people the chance to see something that they might see in New York or Paris.”

Terance said he chose the Lakeview Rose Garden for the location because he was inspired by the rose gardens at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. He also cites Marie Antoinette as an inspiration for his designs, her palace and bedroom especially, and her diamond-encrusted floors. The rain venue for the show will be at the Palace Theater in Lorain.

Tickets to the show are $21 and available at .

All of the pieces at the show will be available for purchase at Terance’s boutique in Lorain. Each piece is fitted and custom made. They will also be online to order approximately two weeks after the show.