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WHEELERSBURG — The third annual Old Fashion Days event at Pioneer Village in Wheelersburg is history right before your eyes. Composed of live music, Pioneer clothing and items, and the cabins themselves, attends were both enlightened and entertained on Labor Day.

Award-winning musical artist, Steve Free was featured at Old Fashion Days, as the crowd indulged and enjoyed the festivities. The event also included a Petting Zoo, attracting the attention of many curious children who were anxious to touch the animals.

Connie Ison, treasurer of the Pioneer Village committee, said the turn out for this year’s Old Fashion Days has been spectacular.

“We have been working ourselves to the bone here, trying to get things done,” Ison said. “Today we have brought some Civil War items. This is a Springfield Musket, from my collection. This was in at Gettysburg. I also go into schools and speak, and I wish that I could get into more schools. It has been great today. The flea market is doing well, and we’ve had a lot of people come through, I have been so busy in here, talking with people and doing the tours, and it has been wonderful.”

Old Fashion Days was also a delight for consumers, with a flea market equipped with a host of vendors with items for sell ranging from homemade pottery to designer handbags and so much more.

Nate Marcum, a senior at Wheelersburg High School, came to Old Fashion Days adorned in historical attire.

“I love history, and I also love theater, and this event is just a good combination of the two. This is my first time participating, but not my first time attending,” Marcum said.

When asked if by The Daily Times if he plans to pursue history in college, Marcum said it was a possibility, and Old Fashion Days experience at Pioneer Village would probably contribute to his decision.

Lucas Jenkins, president of the Pioneer Village committee, said they have been working diligently during the course of the year making improvements and adding new things to the cabins.

“I am the black smith over here in the Black Smith Shop. With blacksmithing, you take metals and make different objects out of them. Useful tools, such as knives, and decorative things, which what they did in the Pioneer Day,” Jenkins said. “We have been working down here just about all year on a bunch of different things. We’ve added the head stocks down here, and people have been coming up to take pictures in them, something that the kids have been having fun doing.”

Chinking is among the improvements at Pioneer Village, Jenkins said.

“Inside of this cabin we have done the chinking this year. “Chinking is when you take mortar, mix it with sand and water, mix it together,” Jenkins said. ” Pioneers would take it and mix straw in it for binding, and would take it and plug in the cracks between the walls so that you wouldn’t have air coming through. It is amazing how much air was coming through these, but you couldn’t see through, because the outside of them had been chinked, just not the inside until here recently.”

Jenkins said the Old Fashion Days event would not have been possible with the support of their sponsors consisting of Portsmouth Block, the Gerlachs, Portsmouth Feeding Supply, Bald Face Farms, Lowes in Wheelersburg, and Boy Scouts of Wheelersburg, and the Key Club of Wheelersburg.

“It has been growing every year, and I am so happy about it,” Jenkins said. “We have been getting some good support from the community. We are trying to get our 501c3 right now, so whenever we get that we will be able to apply for different grants, and then we will probably get more businesses to come in.”

For more information regarding Pioneer Village, visit the Pioneer Village Facebook page.

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