Andrew Brenner: Loud and Proud

Dave Ghose
Andrew Brenner

Give Andrew Brenner credit: The guy is a social media machine. He's all over Twitter and Facebook. In fact, he's almost unrelenting. The torrent is overwhelming. What's more, Brenner is always spoiling for a fight. His hard-right views attract plenty of animus from left-wing types, and the conversation inevitably descends into nastiness, often with Brenner accusing his detractors of the S-word (See "Putting the Socialism in Social Media"). Brenner, a Republican state rep from Powell, was the hands-down choice for the most annoying social media user in our survey.

Brenner's wife, Sara Marie, a loud Donald Trump supporter and a vociferous tweeter like her husband, adds to the internet noise, too. Brenner's most notorious online faux pas occurred when he posted an article on a website operated by his wife that argued public education was a form of socialism, an outrageous comment made worse by the fact that Brenner is now the chairman of the House Education Committee.