Local Focus: The Cover Story

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
Jake Rusnak

Who: Jake Rusnak

Where:Dispatch Media Group photo studio, downtown Columbus

When: Jan. 31, 2017

The Backstory: We decided to have some fun with the cover of the annual Summer Camp Guide edition and staged our own art session at the office. We enlisted the help of Jake, 5, the son of our production/design director Craig Rusnak and his wife, Beth. He's also older brother to Sam, 2, seen in the photo above, as well as a baby on the way.

Photographer Tim Johnson shot more than 500 frames in a quest for just the right shot. It's hard to say whether the audience of adults or the kids had more fun. While Jake played the role of quiet artist, Sam eagerly took direction and occasionally hammed it up. After a while, Jake became his own canvas, pouring bottles of paint into his hands and experimenting with the resulting color.

Beth, a former art teacher who came with plenty of wet wipes, took it all in stride. After all, artistic endeavors are a regular occurrence at the Rusnak house.

Your kids might not get quite this messy at camp, but hopefully they have just as much fun.