Stop the presses! Columbus not awful

Dave Ghose

We weren't surprised when the Washington Post chose Columbus in February as the first destination in its new monthly travel series called “You're going where?” In fact, we've grown kind of tired of out-of-town writers shocked to discover craft beer, yummy food and charming neighborhoods in our corner of Dullsville, U.S.A. Here's a brief recent history of “Columbusing Columbus”—when visiting journalists pound us with backhanded compliments after spending a weekend exploring our land of low expectations.

Dallas Morning News, February 2017

“You might think of Columbus, Ohio, as just another boring seat of state government in flyover country, as uninteresting and flat as its Capitol without a dome. You would be wrong.”

Huffington Post Canada, November 2016

“Columbus is a total food destination (trust me on this), which has gone under the radar for far too long. It also has an incredibly vibrant arts scene and is a shopping mecca … and home to one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in America, German Village, according to theNew York Times. Who knew?”

National Geographic Traveler, June 2016

“If you think Ohio's a flyover state, its hip capital city might change your mind.”

American Way, April 2015

“When it comes to fashion, New York and Los Angeles are no-brainers. But did you know that the Midwest has a surprise fashion franchise?”

Chicago Tribune, March 2016

“Hold on a minute. This is Columbus, not New York, Chicago or LA. Despite being in what some people consider ‘flyover country,' the arts scene in Ohio's capital has exploded in recent years.”

Esquire, February 2015

“I hope Eat Like a Man readers will take heart from the fact that the best ribs I can remember eating were made in a stick-burning oil-drum style smoker, in a city that barely knows what barbecue is.”

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, July 2010

“Even in Ohio, people give you a quizzical look when you say you ate really, really well in Columbus, like you're about to drop the punchline or something.”