Happy anniversary to two couples!

Emma Frankart Henterly
Left to right: Brandon and Christine Labardee, Savannah and Woody Schmitz

Today we’re sending an early congratulations to Christine and Brandon Labardee and Savannah and William (Woody) Schmitz; the couples each will celebrate their first anniversaries tomorrow.

Christine and Brandon said “I do” at Scioto Reserve Country Club. The normally serious occasion got an injection of humor from the couple’s ring bearer, who insisted on walking down the aisle backwards. (You can read more about this wedding in our January Real Wedding Wednesday post.)

Savannah and Woody married at Jorgensen Farms with a water ceremony. Each of their parents brought water from their homes, which was combined and blessed by the pastor presiding over the wedding. The water then was sealed to be used at the baptism of the Schmitzes’ future children.

Kudos to the four of you, and may you have many more happy years ahead!