Camping Essentials

Kathy Lynn Gray

What should you bring when you're camping with kids? Here's the list our family has used when packing for trips with six children:

1. Sleeping bag and pillow, one for each camper

2. Sleeping pads for adults

3. Tent (make sure there are no missing pieces) and a tarp to put under it

4. Rope

5. Hammer (for tent stakes)

6. Flashlights, one per camper

7. Lantern

8. Citronella candles

9. Wood for a campfire or an ax (or purchase wood near the campsite)

10. Fire starters or newspaper and matches

11. Trash bags

12. Cooler

13. Rack to cook on, if the campground doesn't have one

14. Fold-up camp chairs and table

15. Plates, bowls and silverware

16. Cutting board

17. Two pots: one for cooking and one to boil water

18. Skillet

19. Spatula

20. Potholder

21. Heavy-duty foil

22. Small containers for washing and rinsing dishes

23. Dishwashing liquid and a dishtowel

24. Paper towels and napkins

25. Plastic tablecloth

26. Pocket knife

27. Plastic zipper bag for wet stuff

28. Clothesline, to hang bathing suits

29. Flip-flops, for showering

30. Deck of cards

31. Bug spray and sunscreen

32. Hat or scarf

33. Face towel and body towel

34. Toiletries in a hanging bag

35. Toilet paper

36. Other items that might come in handy: a mixing bowl, measuring cups and a wooden spoon