Register for Gifts at Ikea Columbus

Abbey Anspach
Columbus' new Ikea store, one week before its grand opening

What’s better than an Ikea opening near you? An Ikea opening near you AND getting married! With the Columbus location opening this week, you’re registry process just got a lot easier—and a whole lot more fun. Ikea is basically a playground for adults (and a literal playground for kids in Småland, the Ikea supervised play area). With its aesthetic and interactive displays, Ikea ensures that even the most unenthusiastic shopper—including your partner— will find something to be interested in.

While perusing the aisles of the 354,000-square-foot Columbus Ikea, couples can create a registry at the in-store kiosks. If you’re not in the mood to get out of bed, you can get the Ikea gift registry app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or make one online. The process of making a registry is just as easy for you as the process of shopping it is for your guests.

Guests at any wedding can be easily categorized into three different groups based on the kind of gift they want to bring on your big day, and Ikea aims to provide options for all three. 

The first group looks for convention and functionality. The things you need, but also really want. The retailer offers an online “top 20 picks” list to get you started. Featured among them is the Polerad 11-piece cookware set and Kvittera three-tier serving platter.

The second group is more concerned about your “wants” than your “needs.” These guests want to give you something memorable or extra for your home—something you may never buy for yourself but will be glad that someone else did. Ikea has no shortage of products that fall into this category, so go crazy: The Jassa bamboo room divider would look great in your bedroom, and the Växbo collage frame is perfect for showcasing all the pictures from your big day.

The final group consists of your close family members, who want to splurge and get you something really special. That Söderhamn sectional seemed like too much to ask for … until now, thanks to Ikea’s “chip in” feature. It allows multiple guests to pay any amount of their choosing toward a big-ticket gift item until it’s paid for, putting that one-of-a-kind, handmade Turkish rug—the Silkeborg—well within reach.