Etsy Eight: Dessert Edition

Abbey Anspach

Etsy is a go-to resource for many couples planning their weddings. But did you know that you can shop handmade and local? Check out our top Etsy picks for this month, all from shop owners based right here in Columbus.

They say nothing is sweeter than love, but a tasty treat sure takes a close second. This month we are showcasing anything and everything dessert because … well, do we really need an excuse?

Ah, sugar: the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing better than dessert at a wedding is being able to take it home with you. These dessert treat bags are not only the perfect accessory to your candy bar/dessert buffet, but also the perfect wedding favor to send your guests home with. LoveFernCreative offers these customized bags, starting in packs of 25 for $25. At a dollar per bag, you can’t find a cuter or more affordable wedding favor.

We saw your mind spinning with all the scrumptious possibilities that could go into those dessert bags. In case you were having trouble, look no further. Doughnuts are the perfect bite-sized confections to take home with you. This printable doughnut sign (only $6!) features beautiful typography and customizable sizes. SasafrasPrintables also offers myriad other print designs, depending on which treats you opt for.

So you have all the accessories for your take-home treats, but what about the real deal? We got you. Well, SparklingSweetsShop actually has you. While your rustic, outdoorsy wedding may lack the bonfire necessary for real s’mores, these s’more mini doughnuts are the perfect substitute. You can get 12 donuts for $20, all of which are customizable by flavor and design.

If donuts aren’t for you but you’re looking for a nontraditional alternative to the classic wedding cake, cupcakes are a great option. This custom cupcake flavor illustration is the icing on the (cup)cake for your dessert display. Send JesMarried your cupcake deets and she’ll hand-draw you a sign, starting at $30.

Whoever said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too also probably thinks you can’t have a cake topper without a cake. Don’t listen to that guy. These rustically charming wooden cupcake toppers by SullivanWoodwork are only $15 for 10 toppers. Wooden’t they look adorable sketched on the cupcake illustration above? (OK, we spared you the s’mores pun we wanted to use earlier; let us have this one.)

We didn’t forget about you, cake lovers! With these ornately handcrafted paper floral cake decorations, your classic wedding cake will be far from traditional. Etsy Eight darling carrieklein can customize the six flowers in any color combination or style for only $30. They look good enough to eat, though we don’t recommend it.

While you and your partner may be perfectly content smashing cake into each other’s faces, you’ll still need a way to cut that first slice. At $29.50, this silver wedding cake serving set is a great investment; the pieces are not only perfect for your wedding day, but for years to come. They’re made to order by astylishdesign, with the ribbon color as no exception.

We know what you’re thinking—and you’re wrong. Alcohol is dessert, if you ask us; or it’s at least great at washing it down. This chalkboard-style bar sign is perfect for both directing guests to the nearest watering hole and adding a cute aesthetic touch. MadeByCRose can print the design on either cardstock or canvas, starting at $25. Not recommended for couples that actually fell in love over salad.