Our Favorite Photo: Erin and Nathan Branfield

Emma Frankart Henterly
Nathan's favorite photo

How cute is it when newlyweds fall victim to accidental twinning? (Hint: Very, in our humble opinions.) So when we read Nathan and Erin Branfield’s individual responses to the question, “What’s your favorite photo and why,” our response—a collective “aww”—was audible around the office.

“My favorite wedding photo is of my husband and I right outside the cathedral,” says Erin. “We had just [finished] our ceremony and walked outside, and he dipped me down for a kiss on the front stairs of the cathedral. Not only does this picture capture how amazing the cathedral was, .... it also shows our love for one another.”

In a funny coincidence—or sign that the Branfields were made for one another—Nathan’s top pick was strangely similar in composition: It pictures him dipping her yet again, this time in a grassy field.

“The photo was very natural and real,” he says. “The tall grass and nature in the background looked amazing.”

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