Daily Bulletin: Career Conversations

Melissa Kossler Dutton

This Labor Day, take a break from barbecuing and hanging out at the pool to spend some time talking about careers with your child. Even elementary school students can be engaged in conversations about jobs, and the holiday offers a perfect entrée to the conversation. 

The key is to cater the discussions to kids’ interests and level of understanding. Try asking young children to keep a list of the various professionals they encounter in a week. Then you can discuss what the jobs entail and what training is required. To get started, check out some suggestions from Study.com at study.com/academy/lesson/career-awareness-activities-for-elementary-school-students.html.

With older children, consider centering the conversation around their interests and hobbies. From there, numerous online resources (such as this Minnesota State Colleges and Universities page, careerwise.mnscu.edu/parents/parentscareers.html) can help them research various jobs.