Happy anniversary to three couples!

Emma Frankart Henterly
Left to right: The Carmodys, the Maludys and the Fredricksons

Ah, October. The time for apple cider, football and—in Central Ohio—weddings. Today we’re honoring three couples who celebrated their first anniversaries this weekend: The Carmodys, the Maludys and the Fredricksons.

Andrea and Michael Carmody were wed at the Scioto Reserve Country Club on Oct. 7, 2016. (Fun fact: I was there that morning, taking a site tour for the venue spotlight I wrote for the winter/spring 2016-17 issue. Small world!) The ceremony was officiated by Andrea’s uncle, and the couple’s son acted as ring bearer. You can see more from their wedding in their Our Favorite Photo feature here and their Lessons Learned feature here.

Ashlynn and Danielle Maludy’s engagement got off to a wild start, and the dove release at their ceremony on Oct. 8, 2016, was equally interesting. (Read their Real Wedding Wednesday feature from last week, here, for more details on that.) But for the brides, there was one aspect of the weekend that stood out above all else: “Spending the whole weekend with our family and friends to celebrate our love was truly exceptional,” Danielle says. “Seeing the amount of love and support that surrounds us was so comforting and made us realize how blessed we really are.”

Things got a little wild at Erin and Scott Fredrickson’s wedding the same day at Jorgensen Farms; the entire wedding party did a celebratory shot at the end of the ceremony, Erin says. And the theme for the day? “Love, acceptance and getting weird.” Now there’s a motif we can get behind. The two met when a mutual friend introduced them and insisted they had to go on a date … looks like that friend was right. (In an homage to their meeting, the Fredricksons hired a staff member to bartend at the reception.) Other friends got involved in the ceremony and reception: as the officiant, ceremony musicians, caterer, florist and more.