Daily Bulletin: Give a Shout-out

Melissa Kossler Dutton

Many schools in Central Ohio take time to show their appreciation to teachers, but we haven’t heard of too many celebrating principals.

Since October is National Principals Month, here are a few ideas from the National Association of Secondary School Principals for making leaders feel special.

  • Write a thank-you note to the principal. If possible, point out an instance where he or she has been helpful.
  • Ask a local business to donate thank-you or blank cards, then set up a table at lunch where students can write notes to be left in the principal’s mailbox.
  • Provide treats for the principal.
  • Place something on campus. For example, plant a tree or a garden, or donate a bench.
  • Write a letter to the superintendent about how the principal has helped the school. 

The NASSP has even more ideas at principalsmonth.org/students-and-parents.