Daily Bulletin: Worst Halloween Treats

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Halloween is an enchanting holiday. It’s the one day a year when you have an excuse to dress up in costume, run door to door and eat way too much candy. The fall air and dark evenings create the perfect atmosphere for spine-tingling chills. It’s just as much fun for many parents as it is for kids.

But let’s face it: As an adult, everyone remembers that one item you dreaded getting while trick-or-treating as a kid. So we decided to have some fun and poll the Dispatch Magazines staff about their worst Halloween treats.

Share your own in the comments. And don’t forget to remind your kids to say “thank you” and save the eye rolls for later—even if they do get something on this list. 

“Tiny boxes of raisins. Seriously, who gives out FRUIT at Halloween?”

—Emma Henterly, editor, Columbus Weddings and Columbus Monthly special sections

 “Gummy hamburgers. They are the worst!”

—Chloe Teasley, editorial assistant, Columbus CEO

“Toothbrushes. It’s just flat-out rude.”

—Jackie Vosler, multimedia account executive

(The thought was echoed by two other staffers.)

“Pennies. And Butterfingers. The pennies taste better.”

—Dave Ghose, senior editor, Columbus Monthly

“I’m with Chloe. Those gummy hamburgers or ice cream cones are what nightmares are made out of.”

—Sara Barton, sales assistant

“Pixy Stix. Sour and sandy—yuck!”

—Tim Johnson, photo editor

“Those nasty mystery candies in the waxy, black and orange wrappers. Also anything with razor blades.”

—Joel Oliphint, our “Good News, Dad News” columnist and Columbus Alive associate editor

(His choice was seconded by digital editor Erin Edwards.)

“Tootsie rolls. Not real candy...”

—Kyle Nussbaum, multimedia account executive

“I had a neighbor that always gave out tiny things of toothpaste. I also hated Milk Duds and anything coconut, but that might just be me.”

—Lauren Transue, support services specialist


—Lauren Reinhard, marketing manager

“Candy corn. I like corn. I like candy. But candy corn you’re just nasty.”

—Rob Hardin, associate photo editor

“With apologies to Rob—if you mix the candy corn with peanuts, it’s a nice substitute for my all-time favorite candy bar, PayDay!”

—Mary Yost, editor, Columbus CEO

“Store-bought popcorn balls”

—Julanne Hohbach, editor, Columbus Parent

“A pen”

—Maya Jenkins, assistant digital editor, recalling a house where the older kids got writing implements while the younger crowd got candy