Our Favorite Photo: Editor's Picks

Emma Frankart Henterly

When your job involves looking through thousands of beautiful wedding photos, choosing a favorite is—quite literally—totally impossible. And yet with every round of photo submissions, there are a few weddings, and a few shots within those weddings, that I find myself drawn to. Sometimes it’s a unique editing style; other times it’s a couple that’s really photogenic, or one that are so clearly in love that it almost hurts. Still other times there’s an element of the photo that is, simply put, just badass. (This motorcycle shot from the summer/fall 2017 issue comes to mind.)

Yes, it’s impossible to choose a favorite photo, or even a top 10 or top 20. But I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Scroll through the images above to see some of my favorites that didn’t make it into the magazine and read about the couples pictured in them.

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