Our Favorite Photo: Aureyl & Stefan Thomas

Emma Frankart Henterly

The “behind the veil” photo is ubiquitous in wedding photography. We see it all the time in our real wedding submissions, with varying degrees of success in execution, and opinions on them vary just as widely. (Art director Alyse Kordenbrock wonders if the shot is overdone; I tend to love nearly all of them, ubiquity be damned.) Aureyl Thomas, who wed Stefan Thomas on Dec. 12, 2015, seems to side more with me, albeit for a different reason:

“There is a photo of us kissing, captured behind my veil,” she says. “It is our favorite because it truly captures the sentiment of the day. While you are surrounded by so many people, you almost feel swept away in this bubble of just the two of you. The entire day, we spent a lot of time just captivated with each other and elevated by the immense love we felt—for each other and from those around us.”

If that isn’t a great reason to love any photo, well, we don’t know what is.

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