The race up the Rhodes Tower

Chris Gaitten
Fight for Air Climb 2017 at Rhodes State Office Tower

Don't hold the elevator, Russell Gill will take the stairs. On Feb. 17, the double bassist with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra will complete his 31st charity climb, after logging 1,063,121 stairs in previous fundraisers. This event, the Fight for Air Climb, takes place at the Rhodes State Office Tower, where participants will ascend 40 floors as fast as they can. The climb has raised more than $500,000 for the American Lung Association since its inception in 2010, says ALA's Brittany Sinzinger. Here's a closer look at the event's breathtaking numbers.

880: Steps in one trip to the top

4:43: Fastest time ever (12 minutes is average)

2:24:00: The fastest vertical mile (10 times to the top, 10 times down, plus 32 floors), set last year by personal trainer Traci Mehalic

9:15: Time of Pete Richison, the fastest ever by a firefighter wearing gear

$7,000+: Record amount raised by Gill in one year

9: Age of the fastest child, Connor Lacey

30-40: Estimated weight of gear worn by firefighters participating, in pounds