Daily Bulletin: Columbus Zoo Babies

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
These five Asian small-clawed otter pups were born Jan. 26 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The population at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has grown by seven oh-so-cute baby animals.

The zoo announced March 9 that seven babies had been born between Jan. 26 and Feb. 19. All—five Asian small-clawed otters, a silvered leaf langur and a Humboldt penguin—belong to at-risk species.

According to the zoo announcement, the otter pups (three males and two females), born Jan. 26 to first-time parents Gus and Peanut, are expected to be on view later in the spring. The species is native to coastal regions of southern India and Southeast Asia. A male pup born last year was the first small-clawed otter born at the zoo in 14 years.

The female langur, born Feb. 16, is the offspring of Patty and Thai, both of whom have had other babies. The new langur, whose bright orange coat stands out from the adults’ black fur, and her parents can be seen in Asia Quest. The species is found in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Last but not least is the female Humboldt penguin chick that hatched Feb. 19. Her Majesty Gertrude Sprinklebottom—Gertrude, for short—is the 30th Humboldt penguin born at the zoo. Her parents are Katja and Hans, but she is being fostered by another penguin pair, Asela (who was born in Columbus in 2012) and Chirriante. The zoo expects Gertrude will be visible to guests once her foster parents allow her to leave the nest box. The species is native to islands off the coasts of Chile and Peru.