Daily Bulletin: Reading Tips and Fundamentals

Melissa Kossler Dutton

Reading out loud to children has many benefits. Not only does it help them develop early literacy and language skills, but it also can impact their social development.

The value of reading aloud has been proven in many studies, including a recent American Academy of Pediatrics report. (View the abstract at pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/141/4/e20172675.)

And it’s never too early to start. Even infants benefit from being read to, according this article from the AAP, aappublications.org/news/2017/05/04/pasliteracy050417. “Book-reading quality during early infancy, in particular, predicted early reading skills while book-reading quantity and quality during toddler years appeared strongly tied to later emergent literacy skills, such as name-writing at age 4,” the AAP research found.

As children grow, books offer new opportunities for social, emotional and cognitive growth. They can help young readers cope with stress or anxiety, improve their memory and learn empathy.

Looking for some tips for reading to children at different ages and stages? Check out reachoutandread.org/resource-center/literacy-materials/reading-tips.

Publishers Weekly has a list of good read-aloud books for your family to consider at blogs.publishersweekly.com/blogs/shelftalker/?p=16036.