Cookies and Costumery

Sherry Beck Paprocki
Columbus Monthly
C. Krueger's Finest Baked Goods

With this being the week of Halloween treats, a preview of C. Krueger’s Finest Baked Goods last week helped answer our question about why the founder of Cheryl’s Cookies, Cheryl Krueger, decided to launch a new cookie brand. Krueger sold her first venture to 1-800-FLOWERS for $40 million back in 2005.

It took only one bite of one of C. Krueger’s new creations to remind us of what was lost in the transition of her once-small, Columbus-based cookie business to the 1-800-Flowers corporation (FLWS on NASDAQ). A bite of C. Krueger’s iced pumpkin spice cookie, fresh from the oven at the new 17 E. Brickel St. shop, brings back memories of those early Cheryl’s stores—when cookies tasted just like her (or anyone’s) grandmother had made them. The Short North Brickel Street location will soon offer milk on tap, as well as a station where gifts can be personalized.

On the related and timely topic of costumery, it has been noted that Columbus Fashion Week nearly collides with HighBall Halloween on an annual basis.

Columbus Fashion Week features myriad events where local, independent designers try to catch the eyes of buyers from some of Columbus’ big fashion retailers. Those who do fashion shows (and fashion photography shoots such as Columbus Monthly’s Fall Fashion spread in September’s magazine) understand that without that special costume, as well as hair and make-up assistants, the end product of the show (or shoot) just wouldn’t be the same.

And that was also the case at HighBall’s annual costume show Saturday evening. Although the crowd was light due to a cold drizzle throughout the evening, the costume designers didn’t disappoint. From sparkling, bikini-topped models resembling mermaids to more fabulous designs that looked like sea monsters, the year of the strong woman was hailed from the stage in front of the Columbus Convention Center, and well noted.