The New Year's Eve Scoop on Driving Alternatives

Taylor Shook

Responsible partying on New Year’s Eve (or any night) is imperative, so below is the scoop on alternatives to driving and what you can expect regarding price surges during the celebration’s peak hours. 


Users who have downloaded the Uber app can expect a ride anywhere, anytime on New Year’s Eve—but at a heftier price. Uber shows you the fare before you confirm the ride, so you won’t be caught off-guard. An in-app feature allows riders to divide the price among themselves if they are riding along with a group of friends. Uber Pool, the company’s carpool service, is also a thrifty option and allows you to ride along with someone who has requested a similar path, though it can add time to your


Like Uber, Lyft users can expect ride prices to surge, especially between midnight and 3 a.m. The company incentivizes drivers to work during peak times, which helps provide more rides to those who need them. Lyft users have the ability to send a promo code to a non-user encouraging them to sign up and providing credits that could soften the blow to the


For partygoers who have driven to their destination but need a safe ride to get themselves and their car home, Dryver offers a pickup service for $25, plus $3.45 per mile. It’s a convenient option to avoid a parking ticket, or worse. And perhaps a less embarrassing option than picking up a car the next day.


Always a cost-effective option, the city’s public transportation service will run according to its usual schedule on New Year’s Eve, but operates on a Sunday schedule for New Year’s Day. Check it out here:

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